EMMA Honorary Vice-Presidents

Rik De Nolf

Board Executive President, Roularta Media Group

Rik was born in Roeselare in 1949 and holds a degree in Law (RUG). He is involved since 1972 in the media group that funded his father Willy De Nolf (+ 1981) in 1954.

He started as publisher of the magazines Roularta and became in 1981 managing director and CEO of the group. He is also chairman of the “Supervision Council” [Conseil de Surveillance] of the Express Group / Roularta in Paris and President of the Flemish Media Company.

Meanwhile Roularta grown into a multi-media group with operations in Belgium (2/3 of turnover), France (nearly 1/3 of turnover), but also in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

In Belgium, the major division “Free Press” is composed of the Streekkrant, The Sunday and Steps, with regional editions in the whole Dutch-speaking Belgium. With a major magazine activity Roularta also lauched a new series of news and lifestyle magazines allways in both languages such as Knack, Le Vif / L'Express, Trends, Soccer / Foot Magazine but also the the monthly magazines Nest, Plus, and others BtoC and BtoB magazines. The group also holds 50% shares in the Vlaamse Media Maatschappij (VTM, 2be, Jim TV, VTM Kzoom, Q Music, Joe FM) and the TV channel (N/ F) Channel Z / Canal Z.

In France, the weeklies L'Express and Point de Vue and the monthly magazines L'Expansion, L'Entreprise, MieuxVivre Votre Argent, Studio / Cine Live, Classica, Lira, Cote Sud, Cote Ouest, Cote Est, Cote Paris, MaisonMagazine, Maison Française, Ideat, L'Etudiant consitutues some of the group publications.

Roularta reduces its own expenditure and prints numerous other publications in Roeselare. Indeed Roularta Printing is the largestprinting company in the country.

Jens Henneberg

Executive Vice President and Editorial Director, Bonnier Publications

Jens Henneberg is executive vice president and editorial director at Bonnier Publication - the largest magazine publisher in the Nordic countries with more than 40 titles in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Bonnier Publications has headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jens Henneberg holds a degree in journalism from the Danish School of Journalism and was editor in chief of the flagship title Science Illustrated before taking his current position.

Lars Joachim Rose

Chairman, KLAMBT

Now the Chairman of Media Group, KLAMBT, Lars was born in Speyer Germany on the 5th August 1969. He has a degree in law having studied law at the University of Heidelberg in Germany

In 1996 Lars joined Sonnerverlag GmbH in Baden-Baden Germany. Here he was a legal assessor, an assistant to the executive management. His position at Sonnenverlag GmbH involved the taking on of responsibilities in both object and publishing house management.

Later, in 1999, Lars was appointed as the general manager of Sonnenverlag GmbH. Then operating as Sonnenverlag GmbH, it has since been better known as Sonnenverlag GmbH & Co. KG Germany.

Not too long after, in 2001, Lars was appointed as the managing partner of Klambt-Verlag GmbH & Cie. Since then, Mr Rose has also been at the head of Media group KLAMBT, as its chairman.